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From Jill's Clients

Most Recent


In the short span of time Jill did in fact make contact with my daughter. Jill knew how much it meant to me. It was a very emotional and uplifting experience. I will most certainly ask for her assistance again. Absolutely!!

Pat Brown   

I Loved the Reading

For the first time I met Jill in person, and I loved the reading as much as I loved my telephone reading in the past. She is sincerely authentic and honest, I felt the connection to her and that she truly cares. I went this time because I felt at some crossroad in my life. With her reading, she opened my eyes, gave me direction which way to go and not to be afraid. The connection with my loved ones on the other side cleared up some issues which helped me move along better. This connection to loved ones also gave me additional encouragement for the future. It’s nice to know that some people you loved always watching over you. I would recommend Jill any day to anybody who needs help, and I will have another reading in the future with her.

Sabine Carender     

It Resonated

The more I thought about my reading with Jill Jackson, the more it resonated. I have to admit, I am a doubter, and when Jill told me that my loved one would give me a clear sign and what that sign would be, I was skeptical. Lo and behold, four months later, there it was! Jill was very kind and sensitive to my pain and grief. Very authentic – I would like to go back!


North Carolina   

Amazing, Beautiful Experience

Just had the psychic medium reading yesterday and I can’t stop thinking about it. It was truly the most amazing beautiful experience being able to talk with my dad. I have no doubt it was my dad. I can’t wait until I can do it again. I want to thank you Jill Jackson you have a special gift. I highly recommend Jill Jackson

5 out of 5 stars from me.

Cathy Pozza


Genuine, Authentic, Loving, Gifted

Genuine, authentic, loving, gifted. She gave me ‘predictions’ that I did not anticipate at the time and they came to be. I trust her guidance and her gift and will definitely ask her for help in the future.

Robin Young   


Jill is fantastic


Jill is fantastic. She saw that I was changing jobs, that my dog has liver and teeth issues, and all of the relevant issues in my marriage, too!

Halaya LeMaire   


Very Good

Great medium and knew quite a bit. Would highly recommend.

Paul Weyman   


My Deepest Thanks

My deepest thanks , the reading has awakened alot of what I know now has ALWAYS been inside me . I have a great deal of respect for Jill in the way she lovingly delivers the information that comes threw . She IS a very important point of divine light , I feel is necessary for all of us , to grow and add to the human consciousness to expand even more. I hope with each encounter she has with another that it will assist an Awakening their talents or gifts also. I feel so blessed to have had her as a teacher , and know with all that I AM , she is here to help bring heaven to earth , it would be wonderful to study under her , and who knows , one day I will. I have much to learn , learn very much from her. My deepest thanks again. 

Curtis M.

Extremely Helpful Insights

Spoke with Jill yesterday and she once again gave me extremely helpful insights into the situations that I’m dealing with right now. So glad she’s out there!

Kathryn L.   

Nothing Short of Amazing

Jill is nothing short of amazing. I only did a 15 minute reading as I had a couple of questions. Being interested in the spiritual realm myself I couldn’t help but contact her based on her reviews and designations. She had the answers I needed in a quick, concise and heart warming manner. I will be calling again!


Answered all my questions

I only talked with her for 5 minutes initially (my choice)…..and she answered all my questions. My questions were about future events, but she gave me specific advice and ‘hit’ on some things she had no way of knowing….I will be booking a longer session soon. I am anticipating good things over the next few months!

Robin Y.

Truly Amazing

Jill is truly amazing! I’ve had three readings with her and I’m always in awe of how accurate and gifted she is ,and what a beautiful soul she is.

Cristina Casellato

So Much Information

So Much Information… So Little Time. Jill was able to connect with so many relatives, producing such an amazing amount of on-target information – I was amazed and somewhat dumbfounded that she was able to pick up on details that were only known by Spirit. The session has left me still trying to process the details even though my reading was last week. I am definitely looking forward to our next session. Thank you Jill.


Nothing Short of 5-Star!

My session with Jill was nothing short of a five star. Jill was 98% maybe even 99% accurate with names, deaths, family members, work…everything. I recommend her highly. I have sent her information to several friends. George Anderson has nothing on Jill, yes, I went to George Anderson twice, and Jill is a fraction of the price. I mean it. Jill is amazing!!!!!!!!

Linda K.   

Wonderful Reading!

I had a wonderful reading with Jill! She was very easy to talk to and provided me the validation and insight I needed to move forward through some difficulties in my life. She was spot on regarding events in my past, and the messages she provided from my guides were exactly what I needed to hear to get some perspective and direction. She has a gift and I am grateful to her for sharing it!

Amelia N.   

Jill was Wonderful!

Jill was wonderful! I had a great reading and received all the information I had hoped to get and more. I’ve started a new career path and the one thing I’ve wondered lately is if my family who have passed would be proud of what I’ve accomplished. They came through loud and clear. Thanks so much, Jill. I can’t wait to do this again.

Jean L.

Beyond Excellent!

My 1st Reading with Jill and she was beyond excellent! Everything she said was right on target. She asked me a name that I didn’t know…as soon as we hung up, I knew exactly who she was talking about. I will certainly let my friends know and I’ll be back for more Readings! Thank you so much Jill….Btw, Jill was very loving and compassionate, Jill is everything good!


A true gift from God

I agree with the reviews that Jill Jackson is the real deal. Her reading has meant so much to me! She has a true gift from God. I am very thankful for finding her and receiving my reading. Thanks again! 

Dawn Holland   

Reading with Jill

This was my first reading with Jill and it will not be my last. Jill is a very kind hearted and gifted psychic medium and I felt comfortable with her from the start. She gave me clarity on many things, including a phobia that was related to a past life. And I was truly happy when my grandfather came through with my dog! And I know it was my beloved pet because Jill knew about a medical issue with her that she could not have possibly known. Thank you Jill!

sheila kleemeier

Throughout the Years

7/29/2015 Immensely helpful! Jill connected with my grandmother at a time when my own mother is getting ready to transition. She gave me valuable spiritual insights to sustain me in making some major life changes of my own.
Kathryn L

9/5/2015 Jill is so right on! This is my second reading with Jill. She is always in tune with me and very helpful. Lately I have felt my life at a stand still after having my heart broken by a man who is very arrogant and immature. She has helped me close that door once and for all. There have been many other issues holding me back this past year and I now have direction again. I am so grateful!

9/5/2015 Truly Amazing Jill is such an amazing,kind,and enlightened spirit,and her accuracy in the two readings that I've had is truly amazing.

9/9/2015 Wonderful Experience! I had an incredible experience with Jill. It was like talking to a friend. There is something about Jill's presence. She had such a calm and peaceful way about her. I wish I could talk to her every week about my life. I do plan to set up additional time to talk to Jill about my father who passed away when I was a teenager. I will definitely connect with Jill again in the near future!
Jill A

9/18/2015 I wrote my questions down but never had to ask them out loud. I am a healer myself and she gave me the direction and support that I needed. She is a kind, warm, gentle spirit. I wish her the very best in life. I would recommend her to anyone looking for advice. She is the real deal. Thank you Jill 🙂

My 1st reading! I love her energy and the way she communicates. She is able to see the issue from all angles and perspectives to give you a full picture of why things are the way they are. Understanding is something I desperately needed and she was able to provide that understanding in a way that has given me a renewed sense of hope. I will definitely connect with her again in the future.
October 20, 2015

Grateful for Jill's Guidance This was my first reading with Jill. Was very comfortable talking with her about a troubling life situation. She is very caring and clearly grasped the issues/individuals involved. We both asked questions as needed for clarification. She suggested an alternative approach on a couple of points, and gave me insight on the perspectives of some people I would be dealing with. I was happy to hear where she ultimately sees me going:) Have confidence in her and look forward to talking with her in the future.
Mary Ann
October 20, 2015

Amazing! This was my second reading with Jill. She is he Real Deal!! Truly gifted and compassionate, I would recommend her to anyone looking for clarity, guidance, and peace.
Jenni R
October 20, 2015

Since I've met Jill Jackson I see things in a new light all around. She more than amazing in her mediumship and Psychic connection. She has a strong link to the other side that I have no doubt about. The information she gets is always catching me off guard. I've been taking her intuitive classes and always leave having learned new insights. She's an unbelievable teacher and very passionate about her work. She has encouraged me in so many ways to help others and be a helping hand to those in need. She has taught me so much about myself and the other side. I have since developed my own strong relationship to other side. With her teachings I've grown so much spiritually.

This recent class I was in she was being distracted by my Uncle Lou from the spirit world. He would barely let her finish teaching before she had to deliver a message to me to check my brakes. He's always one to goof around but he told her he needed me to get my brakes checked immediately. I arrived back in town and dropped my car off the next day. Pep Boys happened to call me right at 11:11 am (angel number) to let me know my front brakes were almost completely gone and I was days away from my brakes going out. The men who worked on my car were even in shock as to how I caught it, since my vehicle hadn't been driving any differently. They were able to save my rotors and save me a lot of money. I\'m very blessed to have Jill in my life. I could not show her enough gratitude for everything she has taught me and opening my eyes to a new beautiful world. She may have well saved my children and my life.
September 24, 2015

I have gotten two readings with Jill - and wow! Word can't describe how accurate and sincere she is! She mentioned a lot of things to me that have come to pass without knowing much information at all! I am very happy that I found her! She not only knows what goes on but she can pick up intials too! Definitely a client for life! Thank you for everything!
September 16, 2015

I had an amazing reading Jill, thank you I feel very lucky that our paths crossed and I was able to talk to someone like you.
August 1, 2015

I had a reading with you yesterday and I want to thank you again. It was really wonderful and extremely helpful.
August 1, 2015

I was blown away!
As I see in other reviews, my feelings about my first reading are very similar. I had to ask hardly any questions. Jill knew how I felt and pointed out recent events in my life. Since I was more prepared for a reading, I was totally blown away when she connected me with one of my loved ones on the other side. He wanted to come through. I finally found my answers and feel now more at peace. I'm still thrilled with the outcome and the advise I received and definitely will use her again. She is delightful and great!
Sabina Carender
August 1, 2015

For the most part I did not eve ask any questions, Jill seemed to have all my questions answered without me asking them... she said that my totem was a frog and on that day after the reading I encountered many frogs...Jill s energy is most loving and true...It is an honor to have met her and to work with her at this time in such an world of up heaval... I chose the word wonderful to describe the reading because I can visualize the wonder and awe in it..
Carol Gold
June 1, 2015

My experience was wonderful! Jill picked up on what I was worried about before I even asked any questions. Her manner was what was exceptional, so caring. You felt a true feeling of being interested in what was troubling you. I have been to many psychics, Jill's gift is very accurate and she even picked up on something that was in the back of my mind, that I was not even going to ask about. Thank you Jill I truly had a great visit with you. With appreciation and love.
Sandi Rabb
April 28, 2015

OMG is all I can say.... She was SPOT ON... I was skeptical at first and very nervous. Her energy put me at instant easy. I am so grateful for her insight and her ability to connect to my spiritual guides. THANK YOU for helping me realize what I was created for....
Cynthia R
April 13, 2015

My first experience with Jill was very comfortable and full of compassion. She gave me wonderful guidance with the steps I need to take regarding my divorce. She told me wonderful things about my children and myself. I was able to take notes very easily while keeping up with her reading. I recommend a reading by Jill to anyone looking for hope and guidance with their journey in life.
Tish C
April 13, 2015

REAL!!! My session with Jill was gentle, exact and Spirit directed!! The help I received is feeling so very healing, and my heart is feeling expanded with faith, comfort and support!! Love and Gratitude to Jill straight from my heart!!
Sylvia Silver
April 13, 2015

Jill is a gifted and insightful medium. During my time with her I received answers to questions that had been weighing on my mind for some time. She has a deep connection with the spiritual world and was able to communicate messages from that world which were clearly intended for me. Her insight seems to come from her special gifts as a medium as well as from an open and compassionate heart. My time with her was enlightening and healing.
Susan Luke
March 7, 2015

I only had a 15 minute session with Jill but she really helped me out greatly in that time period with a couple of questions I had in my life. She helped me clarify and get insight into some issues quickly and positively. I most definitely recommend Jill
Celia C
February 5, 2015

Wow! Jill is so talented, beautiful on the inside and out. I had a
wonderful 45 min. reading with her and gained insight on an important part of my life right now. I will continue to move ahead with confidence.
February 5, 2015

At the outset, Jill mentioned a name I should know, and as soon as I acknowledged the deceased person, who was the mother of my best friend in the room with me, I felt a chill on my right arm that moved from the wrist to the elbow. My friend then felt like someone had their hands on each of her shoulders. It was as if that soul dragged her fingers on my arm on her way to stand behind her daughter. Later, Jill asked about a specific deceased black dog and I knew immediately she was referring to my German shepherd who had died two years before. She relayed a touching message from him that got me emotional as I connected with my dog again. A third highlight was specific detailed information about my career that offered me much clarity and comfort with regard to what lies ahead and directions I should take. The session was nothing short of stunning and fantastic. I eagerly look forward to meeting with Jill again in the near future.
Don Roberts
January 25, 2015

Jill has been my "rock" and healer for almost 5 years. I love, love, love her.
Mary Ann
January 18, 2015 California

Wonderful experience! I did not volunteer any information & yet Jill picked up on exactly the reasons I was there. As soon as she began I felt spirits come in,I felt her reading me..My work,my path were all validated in a way that empowered me to take next steps,,I needed some confirmation & support,thank you Jill.She is a connected,truly gifted person,,Jill is warm & easy to talk with.
January 8, 2015

At the outset, Jill mentioned a name I should know, and as soon as I acknowledged the deceased person, who was the mother of my best friend in the room with me, I felt a chill on my right arm that moved from the wrist to the elbow. My friend then felt like someone had their hands on each of her shoulders. It was as if that soul dragged her fingers on my arm on her way to stand behind her daughter. Later, Jill asked about a specific deceased black dog and I knew immediately she was referring to my German shepherd who had died two years before. She relayed a touching message from him that got me emotional as I connected with my dog again. A third highlight was specific detailed information about my career that offered me much clarity and comfort with regard to what lies ahead and directions I should take. The session was nothing short of stunning and fantastic. I eagerly look forward to meeting with Jill again in the near future.
January 8, 2015

Jill has a gift from God and has brought me answers and peace. She is extremely accurate in her reading, knowing things that she could not have known without making a connection with those that have crossed. If you seek answers, peace, advice or anything that Jill can help you with - do not hesitate.
Allie Ballentine
December 9, 2014

I met with Jill on 11/22/14. She told me many things about myself and my life that were right on. She told me that I had a pet rabbit when I was a small child and the rabbit's energy was all around me. I actually did have the rabbit. She told all about the relationship situation I am in and she was spot on. She even told me about the ladies troubled son and that I should stay away from him. Again she was right on the situation. She brought through my Grandfather and a friend from the other side. I told her nothing about my self in advance and was careful not to lead her. Great job. I will be back to her again.Testimonial-Required
Charles Murphy
December 9, 2014

My mind is so at peace now about so much I needed to know. I've been praying to find someone like her to be able to help with things I've been needing guidance on. She is nothing short of amazing! Thank you !
Jessica Potter
October 14, 2014

I booked a session with Jill out of a critical curiosity to learn about the recent death of a dear friend, who died under suspicious circumstances. I read on her website that she worked with police on such cases so I booked an appointment. However, I only asked for a medium reading in order to not tip off Jill as to my intention. What followed during my session was nothing short of profound. Jill brought through several family members and described very personal information that she couldn't have known if she were a fraud. Almost everything that she mentioned has been validated, including details of a distant relative who came through with a message to my mother. I had no idea who he was at the time, but my mother recognized him immediately ( he was married to her cousin). This touched my mom profoundly. Near the end of my session, I pointedly asked to hear from my friend. My deceased cousin who we had been "speaking" with actually explained that my friend was not ready to come through because he was still in a "healing chamber", which Jill described to be a place where souls acclimate after a traumatic death. My cousin was able to provide details that made a great deal of sense given the situation. I plan to return after a time to allow my friend to leave the healing chamber. This may sound suspicious to a skeptic and I can understand why. All I can tell you is that I was cautious of leading the conversation, and that I entered the experience hopeful but not convinced. I found Jill to be incredibly professional and genuine. I believe with every shred of me that she is the real deal and that she is dedicated to bringing others answers and peace. I cannot recomended a session with Jill enough. I think you will have a similar experience.
October 7, 2014

Jill is a very gifted Medium. I have had sessions in the past few years with a world-renowned Medium, and my experience with Jill was every bit as accurate and amazing. A friend came through with information about his passing that has worried my husband for twenty years. Family members came through with such valuable information for me. This session brought me such peace and happiness. I cannot overstate how wonderful this experience with Jill was. She is a beautiful person in so very many ways. She is a special soul, and I feel so fortunate to have found her!
Marie Vadeboncoer
September 21, 2014

I visited Jill for a general psychic reading. I went in with some very specific questions in mind that I wanted to ask about. Not only were all of these questions answered in great detail, but Spirit also presented some other ideas that I had not even considered. Jill helped me to connect with the Spirit of my Brother, whom I really needed to hear from . I left our session with a sense of an action plan as to aspects in my life that needed some "tweaking" and more focus. I found Jill to be a highly accurate conduit for SOURCE. It also goes without saying that she is a very warm, kind hearted person. I highly recommend Jill!
Jeffrey Thornton
September 13, 2014

Jill is a very gifted medium / psychic. I have worked with psychics in the past but Jill is different....straight forward, wastes no time during the reading, caring. She is what I grew up calling "good people.".Testimonial-Required
Barbara Hein
September 13, 2014

I have had readings with Jill for some time now and my first impression/feeling I sense from her each time is a sense of kindness, compassion and caring. My readings have been accurate and she gives me hope and encouragement for the future. When connecting with spirits of my loved ones, Jill tells me things that only my deceased family members and I would know. I'm so grateful to know that my loved ones who have crossed over are still a part of my life. Thank you Jill.
Donna Scruggs
September 3, 2014

From the first sentence Jill was alligned and attuned with higher knowledge about me. Comment after comment I said yes. Quickly I was convinced she was connected. She described some of my specific guides and gave me info I had never inquired about. Cool stuff! Eventually information came in that I didn't know but which fit. The effect was a gentle calm and encouraging confirmation that I was personally connected and on track. I could asked direct questions and receive specific guidance. Jill gave information that I can definitely use. Jill is bubbly, professional, very kind and easy to talk to. It is a true gift to talk to someone for an hour and to conclude you have made a new precious friend.
Lucy Finch
August 12, 2014

Jill has an amazing ability to access and communicate with angels and guides in the Spiritual World. She also has a deep knowledge and understanding of Spiritual Principles that she uses in these communications and communications with her clients. I seek confirmations, corrections, and guidance from my guides and angels in my Spiritual Journey and Jill did a superb job. A touching and emotional experience! Namaste. Michael UpperTestimonial-Required
Michael Upper
August 3, 2014

I was referred to Jill by a friend I very much respect who had a reading with Jill. Therefore, I knew Jill was a very gifted psychic; but I had no idea the depth of her gifts. I was requesting guidance and confirmation of my soul’s purpose and life path. Jill was absolutely correct in her analysis of where I have been, where I am now and showed me where I am going. Jill gifted me with information which will allow my journey to unfold in marvelous ways I never imagined. I am so grateful for her understanding, insight and compassion. Whatever area of guidance or information in your life you are seeking, I would highly recommend Jill Jackson. She is truly extraordinary! David Kargestimonial-Required
David Karg
July 31, 2014

Jill is amazing. I needed guidance and clarity and she gave me that and so much more. She gives detailed information and insights into today and the future on each and every question. U always know how things will turn out and she always makes u feel secure in knowing things will work out.I know she is the real deal and think she is the best out there. I feel so fortunate to have found her. She truly makes a difference in my life.Testimonial-Required
July 31, 2014

I was referred to Jill by a friend I very much respect who had a reading with Jill. Therefore, I knew Jill was a very gifted psychic; but I had no idea the depth of her gifts. I was requesting guidance and confirmation of my soul’s purpose and life path. Jill was absolutely correct in her analysis of where I have been, where I am now and showed me where I am going. Jill gifted me with information which will allow my journey to unfold in marvelous ways I never imagined. I am so grateful for her understanding, insight and compassion. Whatever area of guidance or information in your life you are seeking, I would highly recommend Jill Jackson. She is truly extraordinary!
David Karg
July 7, 2014

This is Shay Parker and I want to share my recent experience with Psychic Medium and Animal Communicator Jill M. Jackson. About a week ago, I had the honor of rescuing a young horse (Shakespeare) that was living in very bad conditions. I did not have a clear picture of what his background was, and I really had no idea of his state of mind.

After moving him to his new barn, I asked Jill if she would do an animal communication session with him so that I could get a better idea of his story.

Jill's session with him was amazing. It was very informative and she communicated a lot of detailed information.

Early in the session, Jill asked Shakespeare if he was happy at his new home. He immediately "showed" her a bolt of lightning, and how it really frightened him. She said that it was very recent and he was quite afraid of it. She then asked me if he showed any signs of fear around the rain or storms. I explained that I was not sure, because I had only known him for 48 hours.

I remember thinking that he had not yet experienced a storm at the new barn, to my knowledge. However, Jill was very clear and kept describing "a large bolt of lightning".

The session continued and we moved on to other things. After Jill left, the owner of the stables came up and started talking to me. Her attention was focused on the round pen which was out in the pasture. I had noticed earlier that the round pen had a wooden board that had fallen off the top rung. The owner asked me if I knew what happened. I looked at her very puzzled, and explained that I did not go anywhere near the round pen.
Then, as if a light bulb went off, she quickly exclaimed, "Oh my goodness, that is what it struck!" Again, I was confused and I asked her what she was talking about. She then explained that they had had a terrible storm the night before and her husband was standing on her porch looking over the farm. He said a huge bolt of lightning struck down in the pasture and a loud snap occurred. She concluded that the lightning bolt struck the round pen and knocked the top rail off. She also went over and checked the electric fence, and it had been blown. Upon further inspection of the round pen, you could actually see the burn marks from where the lightning struck it.

I could not believe what I was hearing because, not 20 minutes earlier, Jill had explained that Shakespeare was showing her a huge bolt of lightning, and was afraid of it.

How is that for instant validation of evidential information? If anyone out there wishes to connect with their pet, either here or passed over, or needs a psychic reading on a human level, I cannot say enough about Jill M.Jackson.

I witnessed firsthand her abilities, and her incredible accuracy.
Shay Parker
May 23, 2014

I have been to many Mediums, psychics, animal telepaths... I try to explore everything. My 2 sessions with Jill have been some of the most rewarding I have ever had. Her gifts are so big... every Medium is different but Jills abilities to cross dimensions and explain things ... to bring my loved ones who have crossed over to me, to look into my past and future... I feel like she knows me even though we just met. For instance, every single thing I wrote down that I wanted to ask her, she answered for me before I had to speak it. She is such a blessing, I can tell anyone wondering if it\'s worth your time to speak with her... even if you dont know what you want to say or ask or know... IT IS. I would listen carefully to ANYTHING she has to say - she is a clear channel - you can feel her light when look in her eyes.
Gillian Lepisto
April 24, 2014

As soon as Jill brought in my two best friends just as naturally as ever from the other side I felt at ease and so grateful. I could be myself and communicate freely, it's so comforting. I look forward to any time with jill or things I could learn from her. She is truly gifted no doubt. Gillian Riley LepistoTestimonial
April 10, 2014

My session with Jill was beyond anything I could have imagined. I came to her seeking guidance about where I am headed, and what decisions to make that are truly aligned with my Soul purpose in this life time. She was so lovingly confirming as to information that has been streaming into my consciousness, yet that I've had difficulty believing/fully embracing. Jill was such a clear channel of information streaming in from my Guides~~ it provided me with strong support as to my strengths and what gifts I have to share. She also helped me gain clarity on the relationship I have with my mother. Beyond Grateful
Katherine Karnis
April 9, 2014

I had a great experience and I am very excited to have found a psychic That truly knows what she is doing.Testimonial-Required
Isabelle Hibbs
April 2, 2014

I wasn't sure what to expect, but the reading was quite powerful and brought up many emotions. She told me things I had never told anyone about: direct quotes a friend had spoken to me. It was uncanny and I was very moved. Thank you.
March 27, 2014

Jill helped me through a very tough time in my life and a long legal battle that resulted in a settlement. She is a God-send to me. Very highly recommend Jill!
Dawn W.
March 11, 2014

Jill was such a pleasure and was able to relay information that was absolutely correct. I had many spine chilling moments as I listened and realized she is the real deal and I was so fortunate to have found her. Jill is passionate, caring and very through in the reading. I would gladly recommend her to anyone. I am looking forward to my next reading!!!
Elaine T.
March 11, 2014

Jill is very special person, not just psychic but very caring and empathetic. She has a true gift. My reading was informative, thought provoking and insightful. I would definitely visit her again.
March 11, 2014

I had a psychic reading and a mediumship reading with Jill at the beginning of the year. Jill did an amazing job validating major events occurring in my life. She mentioned a future event showing up in my life in the month of March well all i have to say is that she was right on! Jill also connected with my son in spirit to validate his growth and how he loved to pick me wild flowers every time he was with his daddy. Jills messages were very accurate and loving. Her gentle demeanor made me feel very comfortable and enlightened. I highly recommend Jill Jackson to all who are looking for a gentle soul to provide you with validating accurate messages! Thank you Jill, for bringing comfort to my heart.
Sara Beaupre Psychic Medium
March 11, 2014 Wisconsin

I have had two readings from Jill and highly recommend her. She is efficient, focused and accurate. She has correctly described important people in my life on both sides of the veil. Most recently she passed on a recommendation of a specific course of action and stated the date that circumstances would shift if I followed it. The improvement kicked in the very morning she foresaw! She is a living testament to integrity and the high potential of this profession!
Kathy Biehl
March 3, 2014

Jill is a super psychic. The real deal. Her insight and assistance was very helpful. Looking forward to our next session.
Ben G.
February 12, 2014

I had the pleasure of a reading with Jill this past Monday. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a medium. Jill was 100% correct in what she told me. Jill asked about a monkey. I put a small ceramic monkey in the casket with my husband. Jill also described his favorite chair and jacket! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!! Jill is warm,sweet and AWESOME!!!!!!!! More readings in the future. Thank you SO MUCH!!!!! Caroline
Caroline E.
February 12, 2014

Jill is the REAL DEAL. My wife and I each enjoyed a session with Jill. Each reading provided vital insights, into our past and future; as well as previous "unknowns" in our lives,over a time span of some 50 years. Jill is a gift, and we hold her in the highest regard. Her compassion, generosity, and professionalism is why she has found a special place in our hearts. Do not miss an opportunity to visit Jill. You will find her to be extraordinary!
Mihael and Dora
February 12, 2014

Awesome, Jill is kind and caring with her clients. She has predicted events to me and I am shocked when it happens just as she said it would. Jill has a seriously real gift. I will continue to call her and ask for guidance when the need arises. She has a gift and we are so fortunate she has dedicated herself to help us all!
Linda C.
February 12, 2014

Jill is absolutely amazing! She is hands down the best reader I have ever been to. Not only does she give highly accurate readings, but she also delivers the messages with warmth, integrity, and compassion. She truly is a gift and I'm so blessed to have found her.
Olga S
February 12, 2014

Jill is wonderful and kind. And she knows a lot. She helped me through a hard time. She predicted things that came to pass. She\'s as real as they get.
Amy L
February 12, 2014

Jill is great. Direct but compassionate and has the ability to cut through the many layers of a complex situation. She has a calming air and my reading left me feeling settled and more confident about tackling what lies ahead. Thank you Jill!
February 12, 2014

As a tested and proven member of Best American Psychics, Jill has demonstrated an incredible ability to connect to spirit and deliver evidential information. Jill very successfully completed our two test readings, background check, and other due diligence, and I am very proud to have her as a member of our directory. Jill is an outstanding, caring, accurate psychic and I highly recommend her to everyone.
Shay Parker
December 16, 2013

A brilliant and graceful connection to Spirit, Jill is an outstanding Psychic Medium. She establishes an instant connection to Spirit and reads with great clarity, accuracy and ease. I felt deeply connected to my Guides throughout the reading as she gracefully switched frequencies from Psychic to Mediumship. She offered detailed and evidential information from my Spirit Guides regarding my career, finance, relationship and health issues, and delivered compassionate messages from my loved ones who have passed over. The reading left me with a great sense of peace, growth and healing, and allowed me to navigate around/through some potentially disastrous situations, as well as move forward on my Spiritual Journey. I have experienced both in-person and phone readings with Jill, and she excels in both modalities. I highly recommend Jill and will go to her often when seeking accurate, evidential, and powerful council from my Spirit Guides. Mighty Blessings, xoxoxo
Allison Hayes, The Rock Girl
December 1, 2013 NYC & Asheville, NC

“I've had the pleasure of having 3 readings with Jill thus far and have been amazed by her abilities and accuracy each time. Jill provides accurate names and details that only a truly gifted psychic could do. She has been able to connect with the spirits of my family who have passed away and told me things that only they would know. The joyful feeling I got from knowing my loved ones were present cannot be described. Those spirits validated that they still care about me and are still aware of what's happening in my life. At my first reading, Jill immediately picked up on my husband’s name and proceeded to give details concerning my son who we have severe problems with. She gave me the first letter of his name as well as other personal information. All this without me commenting or telling her anything. The express purpose of my 1st visit was due to my worries about my son and Jill immediately picked up on the issues at hand. Jill's insight has given me peace and direction into what to expect in the next phase of my life and reassurance that the transition will go smoothly. She's a compassionate and honest person and I leave my readings with a sense of hope for my future and for that I'm thankful. Thanks Jill for all the hope and blessings you give as service to others.” Donna, NC

“Today I had a reading with Jill Jackson. I had originally only had one issue that I wanted some clarification on, however as soon as I was on the phone with Jill she pointed out another area I needed to focus on in my life as well. She gave the best guidance in such a kind and compassionate way. She both validated my concerns, and gave me steps to address them.

I had a very specific and unusual question that I had regarding someone close to me who had passed over. I knew immediately that Jill had connected to him, as she accurately described the circumstances surrounding his passing. I could easily tell how connected she is, as she used terminology and verbiage that he would have used. She answered my questions, and passed his loving and colorful guidance along. There was not a single doubt in my mind or heart that she was connecting to my friend.

Jill has such a kind and generous heart, and that wonderful energy is present in her reading style. She took the time to make certain that I was comfortable with my next steps in my path, instead of just telling me what I needed to do. I am of the belief that a reading should provide a person with insight, guidance and empowerment. Jill easily delivered all three of those and then some! It was a very emotional reading for me, and left me with such a feeling of peace and a sense of direction. Jill is such a treasure, and I feel so blessed to have had the session with her. Thank You Jill!!” Jessica Costello –Fitchburg, MA

“I had the pleasure of working with Jill at Soul Centered, a metaphysical store in Ojai, California, where we both worked as psychics. Now, it's well known that psychics can't read themselves, so I was enormously lucky to have Jill to turn to when issues arose, and I was consistently blown away by Jill's accuracy and insight into the changes that were happening in my life. Without any information or background, she connected with my soul mate who had passed away, and she gave me incredibly detailed information about him –including what he looked like which was 100% accurate. Jill's sensitivity and insight put her above all the other psychics I knew in the area, and she was, and continues to be, my number one "go to" psychic when any issues emerge that require extra help. I love and trust her dearly. Jill is my rock and soft pillow all in one sweet package. Thank you Jill!” Sally Rice – California

“I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the fabulous reading that you did for me! I gained so much peace and insight that has enabled me to relax into whatever comes next. You had mentioned seeing me going on a trip soon. We just booked a trip to Chicago to be in the live audience during the taping of Caroline Myss and Sandra Joseph titled 'Your Creative Soul: Expressing Your Authentic Voice' in June! This is right up my alley and a step in the right direction of me being able to write and speak like you and I saw as well!!! Again thank you and many blessings!” Kathryn Brewer – Asheville, NC

"I hope this email finds you well! I wanted to let you know how your reading has changed my life. Many of the things you mentioned have begun to unravel. My life is happier, fuller, and calmer. I released the toxic relationship and have found someone who shares so many interests with me it's beyond my comprehension. I am very happy in this moment. Thank you for the love and guidance you helped me see in my life. I look forward to the next reading." Lisa, CA

"Jill is amazing! She is the best reader I have ever been to. She gives incredibly accurate readings and is always compassionate in her delivery. I have been blown away by so many of her predictions that have come to fruition. She is a person of integrity who gives enlightening readings with such kindness and grace. Her wisdom and guidance are incredible gifts that I am so grateful to have witnessed. She is a blessing! Olga, San Francisco, CA

"I was surprised by Jill's accuracy during my reading. She perfectly described events in my life although we had never met and her analysis of the energy around me proved to be correct well after our time together. I look forward to my next reading with her and give her a solid endorsement." Scott Lopez - Orange County, CA

“Jill is incredible. She is extremely intuitive and spiritually connected. She specifically knew so many things on my private life, challenges, and deceased loved ones that no one could possibly have information of. In previous assistance from her- Jill was able to pick up on a little girl energy that was scratching my daughter at night while she slept. Jill advised that she was an earthbound spirit from the 1800s that never crossed over. She advised us on how to help this 8 year old girl find the light and we followed her instructions. My daughter has had no visits or issues ever since. Jill has brought much peace of mind to me and my family. She is a wonderful reminder that love resonates through each of us even when we may not be in the positions to feel it.” Leanna Marino - Inland Empire CA

“Jill is a very accurate, honest and beautiful reader who connects emotionally and spiritually with everything going on!! Her reading made perfect sense to me especially when she mentioned my deceased aunt being around me. She even picked up on her name, Mary. It meant so much to me. She is the real deal, selfless and really gets in touch with what’s going on. You really couldn’t be in better hands!” Tana - New York City, NY

“Jill, I just want to thank you for the wonderful reading. I'm still blown away by how accurate the reading was. In fact, I couldn't believe that you mentioned by first name an old roommate and an old neighbor. Unbelievable. Also, you picked up on the fact that one of my sisters is going through a divorce and the rocky relationship I had with the other sister. Amazing! When I told my sister about the lilies, she reminded me that grandma's name was Lillian a.k.a. Lil or Lily. I don't know why I didn't think of these things during the reading. LOL! I also want to thank you for putting me at ease about some health and legal issues that you picked up on. I don't believe that I have ever had such an accurate psychic reading before. Thank you so much. I'll be back from time to time.” Nancy H. - Florida

“Dear Jill, I am very shocked at how spot on you are. I can only assume that the Spirit and the people on the other side wanted me to know these things and for a good reason. I never expected this much information. I want to thank you again for the positive reading you gave me. When things are tense and stressful, I remember what you told me and it gives me the energy to keep going on.” Maureen P. – Palo Alto, CA

“Jill, thank you so very much for the reading! You are quite gifted at this....and it has given me peace to know that everything is going to work out for the better. You are right about my husband being sensitive and very romantic! Your reading really meant a lot to me and gave me some confidence that we are moving in the right directions. I truly believe you are very gifted and was spot on with the reading!!!! Thank you again Jill, you are very special!” Deb F. – Riverdale, Georgia

“Jill is such a gifted and honest soul. The information she told me was incredibly accurate. With minor personal info she picked up on and was able to reveal information about me and people in my life she would never have known other than through an honest and true gift. I am very grateful for the deep insights she shared with me about my circumstances now and in the future.” F.M. - Colorado

"I have asked for a reading from Jill during a time in my life when I really needed help to clarify some questions that I had and I was also hoping to get some kind of guidance in those difficult moments I was dealing with. I must say that I was very impressed with Jill’s psychic abilities. She is very accurate, very gifted and also very generous of her time. She is amazing! She told me things that only I could know about and she truly helped me clarify my situation. I really got what I was looking for and I'm very happy about this reading. I will not hesitate to recommend her service to everyone who needs help and clarity in their life. Many thanks again Jill for your help! With Love and gratitude." Cherelle Couture - Quebec, Canada

“Jill is an amazing card reader, and that combined with her own Intuitiveness allows one to get the answers and direction needed to make wise changes and movement in one's life. I knew I wanted a reading from Jill, but was surprised at some of the information that came up, that I was not even inquiring about. That information is so important to me and my future. After Jill had shared this information with me, I knew that was the whole purpose of my reading that day. I needed to receive that information now! So, I can't say enough good things about Jill and her abilities. I highly recommend her to everyone.” Joan Darlene - Valencia, CA

"I've been getting readings for over forty years and Jill is one of the most precise and accurate readers I've ever used.” Joanie, Ojai, CA

“Hello, I just received a Tarot Reading from Jill. The reading was thorough and covered at least three questions that I had and were answered in a clear and thoughtful manner. The part of the reading where she mentioned what was happening in the present was right on the money and the portion of it that is for the future time will tell. I hope that it is as she says because it is very good news. I am very happy with my reading and satisfied. I hope the same for all of you.” Carmen - Queens, New York

“First, let me say thank you for sharing your gifts so lovingly. I know it's meant a lot to me, and all those who asked for guidance. All the information on finances is right on.” T.M.T. – New Orleans, Louisiana

“Jill, you have NO idea how accurate that reading is. If I know anyone that wants a reading, I know now who to send them too. I'll bookmark your site. Great reading...very accurate” S. Blair – Northeast Pennsylvania

“You couldn’t have been any more spot on!!!! You are amazing!! ” Carol M. - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“Hi Jill, You're correct on all fronts, thank you very much for your reading, amazing.” James – Perth, Australia

“Very good, Jill! I was going to ask for a reading regarding my health- but you picked it up right away” Kelly - Cincinnati, Ohio

“Hi Jill, Thank you for the reading, you hit it on the nose!” Melissa - Tennessee

“Hi Jill, This was brilliant thanks. It was funny that you mentioned my son having a red bike because a while ago we bought him a Lightning McQueen bike (which is red) and just as we took the stabilizers off and he began riding like a true pro enjoying his moments, the tire blew and we have been trying to get him a new one ever since, but the shops never seem to have his size! I think we will take the extra effort to get his bike up and running as you are right he did really enjoy riding it. I will soon ask for another reading through your website.” Jaimie – Spain

“Jill Thanks for sharing your gift and give me a reading. It was very accurate. Many blessings” Samuel Glez – Baja, Mexico

“Hi Jill, Thanks for the wonderful reading. I believe you are right on target and it really helps to know that.” Joan – Chicago, IL

“The reading makes complete sense. Thank you so much. You are wonderful with this.” P.C. - Ohio

“Wow, Jill, what a great reading!! You have many things right on!!! Thank you! You are very good at this! Thank you for taking the time to do this reading!” J.C. – Beaumont, Texas

“Thank you, Jill, because you are right and I am at a crossroads. This really lifted my spirits! I really appreciate this because I'm at a very difficult time in my life and this does help a lot. I really needed your help and I really appreciate the reading. Nice! I will tell all my friends about your website!” Jorgeanne - Tiburon, CA

“I am writing to thank you for the time you dedicated to our recent readings. Your intuition has been helpful for me to confirm my own thoughts and intuitions making it much easier for me to have made some difficult decisions that influence the well-being of my family. I look forward to speaking with you again in the near future. Again, thank you for your wonderful work.” B. Allen - Chili