Mississippi Medium by Jill M. Jackson

Mississippi Medium:

My Journey from Southern Baptist to

Talking to the Dead

by Jill M. Jackson

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Mississippi Medium Jill M Jackson is an Internationally Acclaimed Medium, having won such awards as Psychic of the Year by Best American Psychics. Jill’s readings have been described as life-changing, jaw-droppingly accurate, and out of this world amazing. Jill has been featured on Lifetime Television with her work as a Medium and has been under contract with Creative Laughter Productions in New York City.

In this book, Jill relays her fascinating story of growing up Southern Baptist in the Bible Belt of the deep south of Mississippi, while being able to see the Spirit World since she was a small child. Jill shares her experiences of initially being afraid of her gifts and the Spirit World to finally having the courage to “come out of the psychic closet” in order to follow her true path.

With her southern charm and wit, Jill takes the reader on her intimate journey from fire and brimstone preachers, to becoming a CPA Business Manager for celebrities in Hollywood, surviving two close calls with facing death thru illness, enduring the heart ache of failed marriages thru infidelity, to finally answering her soul’s calling to serve the Spirit World.

Along the way Jill met and married her Twin Flame Daniel who also happens to be a Medium. Jill offers guidance and direction for those who are still searching for their soul mates or twin flames and explains the intricacies and the purposes for soul mate and twin flame unions.

Jill shares fascinating experiences she has had with the Spirit World, including a visitation from Michael Jackson, as well as encounters from victims of murders who contacted her from the Other Side asking for her assistance in solving the crimes that took their lives.

It is Jill’s passion to demonstrate that the work she does is a gift from God and not evil, as many churches portray. It brings her tremendous excitement to assist others on their personal journey of finding their soul’s purpose as well as learning to understand the signs our loved ones give us.

If you have ever wondered what it is like to be a Medium, this book is for you. Jill opens her heart and soul admitting that most Medium’s don’t ever feel normal and even struggle at times trying to fit in to the ordinary aspects of daily life. Over the years, Jill has learned to embrace and cherish her gifts, feeling honored to be the channel between our loved ones and those still in the physical world.