About Jill M. Jackson

jillbapcoverJill M. Jackson is an internationally celebrated Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher, and published Author. She is the recipient of the prestigious Psychic of the Year award for 2015 and 2016 from Best American Psychics, as well as its 2014 Social Activism Award for her volunteer work with animals.

As a Spiritual Teacher and Spiritual Mentor, Jill works with clients to ignite their innate sacred gifts. Seeing her students undergo this magical transformation is a joy to Jill’s soul, and their testimony speaks to her passion and brilliance as a mentor.

Jill became an award-winning author with the advent of her book Secrets of the Secret, one of her proudest accomplishments.
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Jill is clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, and claircognizant and is a natural born Medium. She is a Reiki Master, certified in past life regression, certified in animal communication, and has studied advanced Mediumship with some of the foremost Mediums of our time, including study at Arthur Findlay College, the World’s Foremost College for the Advancement of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences.

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High Vibe Tribe Membership Community

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  • Discover the direction of your life’s path, and the courage to undertake your journey.
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  • Share in live webinars with your teenager’s discussing intuition and mediumship.
  • Master your emotions toward feeling empowered rather than victimized.
  • Face your shadow and learn to love all aspects of who you are.
  • Discover strategies for raising your vibration and expanding your soul.
  • Understand your intuitive abilities and learn to trust your gut.
  • Embrace empathy while distinguishing your own emotions from the emotions of others.

Why learn with Jill and D. Francis?

Like our members, D. Francis and Jill were both sensitive and gifted kids themselves. From a young age, they understood the challenges facing individuals of all ages who may not fit inside the box. Together, they bring years of experience and wisdom in seeking truth and deeper meaning. But of equal importance is their sense of empathy for their community members.

  1. Francis is a Reiki Master Teacher who brings a calming energy to anyone in his presence. Daniel’s passion is helping others expand and awaken to the amazing possibilities within their own lives. D. Francis feels honored to help you along your path of healing and awakening and to connect you to your infinite possibilities.

Jill M. Jackson is an award-winning Author and Spiritual Teacher, featured on Lifetime Television and numerous radio shows, in addition to achieving accolades such as Best Psychic two years in a row from Best American Psychics. Jill is the author of Secrets of the Secret and Mississippi Medium. She is currently writing additional groundbreaking books to add to her exciting collection.

What you will receive:

  • Original weekly content from Intuitive Compass Academy.
  • Discounts on online classes and webinars.
  • Discounts on in-person retreats.
  • Live monthly webinars on exciting topics such as New Moon Meditations, Full Moon Manifesting Meditations, Question and Answer Sessions from Wisdom Teachers Jill M Jackson and Mystic D. Francis.
  • Guest teachers offering live seminars monthly.
  • Being part of a community of other high-vibe peeps.
  • Interviews with selected members of the community sharing their experiences.
  • Self-paced learning in the privacy of your own home.

What our members are saying…

Our community of students frequently offers feedback on their life-changing experiences with us. Members report that they learn new tools for self-discovery and are grateful for the growth they achieve. Many rediscover parts of themselves they had forgotten and rekindle curiosity and hope in their lives. Most of all, our students feel thankful and honored for what the Universe has bestowed on them, and that the program surpasses all expectations.

Find your community, find your space.

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What people say?

Jill is a very accurate, honest and beautiful reader who connects emotionally and spiritually with everything going on!! Her reading made perfect sense to me especially when she mentioned my deceased aunt being around me. She even picked up on her name, Mary. It meant so much to me. She is the real deal, selfless and really gets in touch with what’s going on. You really couldn’t be in better hands!”

Tana - New York

What people say?

“Dear Jill, I am very shocked at how spot on you are. I can only assume that the Spirit and the people on the other side wanted me to know these things and for a good reason. I never expected this much information. I want to thank you again for the positive reading you gave me. When things are tense and stressful, I remember what you told me and it gives me the energy to keep going on.”

Maureen - California

What people say?

“Jill is such a gifted and honest soul. The information she told me was incredibly accurate. With minor personal info she picked up on and was able to reveal information about me and people in my life she would never have known other than through an honest and true gift. I am very grateful for the deep insights she shared with me about my circumstances now and in the future.”

F. M. - Colorado

Facts at a Glance


Jill is an international award winning highly sought after Psychic Medium and Spiritual Teacher having won such prestigious awards such as the 2016 and 2015 Psychic of the Year from Best American Psychics!


As a global radio host and popular Expert Guest Speaker & Teacher, Jill M. Jackson is in high demand amongst her clients and various venues. Media inquiries are welcome!


Jill could be visiting your area to do a live gallery, a speaking engagement, private psychic/medium readings, and more. Be sure to check her Events Calendar for details.


Jill teaches a variety of workshops and classes, including Psychic Development and Mediumship. Learn how to access the intuition you already have!


Jill loves her clients, and her clients love Jill! Be sure to check out the Testimonials section of this site to read honest, unedited client reviews!


As a Professional Psychic Medium, Jill understands the importance of confidentiality during your reading and/or services. All information exchanged with Jill will remain 100% secure and private.

“It is difficult to describe, in a few short sentences, how incredibly remarkable Jill is, in so many ways.  As a Psychic Medium and Animal Communicator, she is always spot-on with evidential information, including names, places, illnesses and more. As an empath, she literally feels what others do.  As a colleague and friend, Jill offers unwavering support and kindness when others need it.  Simply put, you cannot go wrong with Jill M. Jackson.”

~ Shay Parker, Founder of Best American Psychics

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