About Jill M. Jackson

Jill M. Jackson is an internationally celebrated Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher, and published Author. She is the recipient of the prestigious Psychic of the Year award for 2015 and 2016 from Best American Psychics, as well as its 2014 Social Activism Award for her volunteer work with animals.

As a Spiritual Teacher and Spiritual Mentor, Jill works with clients to ignite their innate sacred gifts. Seeing her students undergo this magical transformation is a joy to Jill’s soul, and their testimony speaks to her passion and brilliance as a mentor.

Jill became an award-winning author with the advent of her book Secrets of the Secret, one of her proudest accomplishments. Her authorial debut was Mississippi Medium: My Journey from Southern Baptist to Talking to the Dead — a must-read for anyone on the path of awakening, it continues to receive 5-star reviews.

Jill’s own story is one for the books. She earned her bachelor’s degree in accounting and money management and became a Certified Public Accountant. For years, Jill worked in the business world, with her intuitive gifts working in the background until the point where “Spirit” nudged her in a new direction.

Newly receptive to her calling, Jill re-examined her life, “remembering” the missions impressed upon her in this lifetime. Jill was born into this present life as a Spiritual Psychic, Medium, Empath, and Wayshower. Able to see spirits since childhood, she was initially frightened, but with age she discovered an appreciation for this gift from the Universe. Jill’s divine path was there from the beginning, waiting for the day when she would awaken to Spirit, and take on the mission of a Wayshower.

Jill became an expert on mysticism and spirituality, cultivating her connection to Spirit through extensive study. She attended the Arthur Findlay College in England, the world’s foremost college for the advancement of spiritualism and psychic sciences. Her list of Mediumship Teachers is extensive including Mavis Pittilla, John Holland, Janet Nohavec, and Lisa Williams. She received a Past Life certification from Mary Elizabeth Raines at The Academy for Professional Hypnosis Training. Jill deepened her connection to Spirit through a Reiki Master certification by Joan Darlene of Hands of Healing Reiki, and studied advanced tarot card reading with Wanda Selling, an expert in the field of more than 40 years. Jill achieved her animal communication certification through Lori Spagna, an animal communicator with over 20 years’ experience.

Jill feels a sense of responsibility as a result of her calling, and assists in missing person cases and unsolved investigations as part of her mission. This work may be carried out directly with Law Enforcement or Private Investigators, or independently at the behest of family members. When an opportunity presents itself for a Psychic detective to work in tandem with experience and open police investigators, the results can be truly remarkable! This is an especially gratifying aspect of the work, and one of the ways Jill gives back.

Most of all, Jill seeks to share her gifts, and offers spiritual guidance through Psychic Spiritual readings, Mediumship readings with love ones who have crossed over, metaphysical writings, and Spiritual Teachings.

Jill’s expertise and experience are available through her free newsletter, where readers can find more information about her Spiritual Retreats. Jill co-leads these events with her husband and Twin Flame, Mystic D. Francis. Here attendees can experience the Divine spark created when Twin Flames unite!

For those eager to awaken to their Divine path, Jill and D. Francis are thrilled to unveil their High Vibe Tribe membership platform. Sign up, and witness the amazing synergy that comes when like-minded people gather!

Jill Asheville

2015 & 2016 Psychic of the Year