Psychic Investigations

Jill believes she has been given her gifts to assist people who are grieving or who need answers. One way she gives back is thru pro-bono assistance with missing person’s cases, murder investigations and unsolved cold cases.

She has put together a team of some of the best Psychics and Mediums in the world today to contribute to this philanthropic endeavor.

A special thank you goes out to these beautiful souls who contribute their time and energy for free:

  • Sara Beaupre
  • Kathy Biehl
  • Jill M. Jackson
  • Karen Lagace
  • Marc Lainhart
  • Deborah Livingston
  • Anthony Mikolojeski
  • Sharon Pugh
  • Becky Pfeffer
  • Sally Rice
  • Amy Weidmann

If you have a case you would need assistance with, please submit this form to us. Due to the high demand for our assistance, we are only able to choose a few cases at a time. Priority will be given to new cases, especially missing person cases.

    Name of victim:

    Date of birth of victim:

    Date victim went missing or crime occurred:

    Place victim went missing or crime occurred:

    Name of Person Submitting Request:

    Relationship to victim:

    Email Address for Correspondence:

    Phone number for communication:

    Name of Detective:

    Is Detective open to working with Psychics?

    YesNoI do not know

    Summary of request (Note: please do not provide detailed information. Psychics prefer to work cold. The main info needed is whether this is a missing person, murder case, and whether this case is still open.):