Mentorship with Jill

There are times along our Spiritual Journey of expansion and growth where we can benefit from a Mentor. What is a mentor? Per Wikipedia, it is a learning and development partnership between someone with vast experience and someone who wants to learn.

Jill offers private mentorship to a select number of individuals and affordable group mentorship program options too!

·         Are you ready to manifest your magic and tap into your divine potential?

·         Are you experiencing an awakening and understanding that everything you previously knew to be true has been turned upside down?

·         Are you a developing Medium who desires private one on one sessions with an experienced Medium who offers focus, guidance, and positive direct feedback?

·         Are you a working Medium who feels you have reached a plateau in your connection to Spirit and feels the need to learn to facilitate deeper and stronger connections?

·         Are you a Psychic or Medium who has taken Jill’s classes and workshops and desires to continue the learning process with Jill as your Spiritual Teacher and Mentor?

If so, Mentorship and Spiritual Coaching is a wonderful opportunity for you.

For group mentoring options please fill out the form and request information on Jill’s Mastermind Groups.

For private mentoring, each session will consist of 1 Hour with Jill. During each session, you will have an opportunity to discuss any questions related to your progress. If you are a psychic or medium, there will also be time allotted for you to give a “practice reading” to Jill if you choose. Afterwards she will provide feedback and guidance on the information which comes through.

The price for this amazing opportunity to be privately mentored by a multi-year award winning Psychic of the Year is only $288! Or you may choose a package of 3 sessions for $777 or a package of 6 sessions for $1111. This is a huge discount off her standard rates!

To schedule your sessions, click on the scheduling calendar and choose Spiritual Coaching Packages.

Please submit your request to be included in her group mastermind programs. If you are accepted, you will receive an instructional email regarding the next steps.

Many blessings to each of you on your personal journey with Spirit!



“I began working with Jill’s mentoring about 6 years ago. I had always had my abilities, however, didn’t really have a control over the rapid growth of them. With her guidance, I learned how to protect myself, keep myself balanced and learn to access even greater information.  She has always made herself available to assist me. I don’t really know what would have happened if I had not crossed paths with her because she truly helped me in clarity- and becoming authentic to my true soul self.  She has guided me and assisted me with the tools I needed to be self-empowered.  Even to this present day, she continues to have the skills to assist me in reaching additional levels with Spirit I didn’t think possible.  I’m very grateful for the opportunity to work with her.  She has changed my perception of my life in many ways.  My success is her success… because I would not be doing this work without her mentorship.” Leanna Marino

“I recently completed my medium mentorship with Jill and cannot express enough of the gratitude I have for her offering this for people like myself wanting to learn and grow more in their mediumship. Jill also devoted time to tune into things and/or elements I needed to work on to become a better medium. I have noticed that I have grown exponentially in my awareness, understanding, and skill set as a medium. I am very grateful for the opportunity I was given to be mentored by Jill.” Ashley Anne

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