Encounters of Ascension and Awakening

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Many of us experience physical challenges as we awaken to higher vibrational frequencies. The best way to think about and process this is to remember how our bodies must adjust when we change elevations and altitudes.  Our earthly bodies can only tolerate certain conditions, and when we attempt to go against those conditions, our bodies must adapt. With the new energies being infused in the physical body, a similar modification is essential, and this may feel uncomfortable on occasion.

At times, we may feel as if we are literally losing our sense of reality. Countless men and women have visited doctor after doctor attempting to get answers on their strange ailments to no avail.

What Are the First Symptoms?

Some of the first symptoms experienced seem to be vertigo, ringing of the ears, headaches, and nausea.  For quite a few people, this leads to extreme fatigue and body aches and pains, especially in the neck and shoulder areas. Weight gain particularly in the abdomen area is common. Intense itching episodes are being reported.  There is a possibility depression may accompany these physical changes in the body, as grief can accompany transformation, even when this transformation is positive.

At times, words previously known may disappear from our vocabulary!  We may find ourselves relaying information as if we are playing out a game of charades! An intolerance for crowds or loud places may be felt. Vivid dreams may become more regular.

Everything is comprised of energy. Energy is a vibrational frequency. Our physical bodies are experiencing a 3D reality at an amazing time in history where our Mother Earth is going through her own ascension process. While it can be quite intense, it is also exhilarating to witness and share in such a grand conversion.

What Now?

For those who have been on an accelerated awakening path for some time, there are new physical experiences showing up. One that appears is a strange gurgling sound deep inside the ear canal. Those who have experienced this affirm it doesn’t feel like anything they have experienced before. It’s not a ringing nor is it painful, it’s more of a murmuring sensation.

Another change is in food cravings and diet. For most people, as they awaken, their food choices change. For some, this is a slow process, in which they may consume less animal products. For others, it is an overnight change, in that the very thought of eating an animal revolts them, where in the past, this was their normal diet. For others, there is a desire for higher vibrational foods and less dense food choices. It is important we listen to our bodies as our bodies will always tell us what is essential for optimum functioning.

Many sensitives and empaths are reporting an imbalance in the pancreas, causing insulin resistance. Further adjustments to the diet may be necessary. Jaw pain and strange tooth sensations are common new symptoms appearing.

People who have been experiencing the ascension process for many years are reporting things many people may deem crazy! Objects next to them are vibrating or moving.  Music, sounds, or conversations are heard when nobody else is around. Psychic and Mediumistic abilities are increasing in those who regularly use these abilities.

Where Do I Turn for Help?

Of course, it is important to rule out any medical conditions before confirming the path of ascension could be attributed to the physical challenges being experienced.

Finding a respected Spiritual Teacher to help with learning to connect to the guidance of the Higher Self or Intuition has been valuable to many. After all, awareness creates further knowledge and knowledge is power.

When we connect and bond with those of like mind or our Soul Tribe, less loneliness and feelings of isolation occur. For many people, bonds with the Soul Tribe are stronger than any familial bonds ever felt.

In closing, remember we are not alone in these strange experiences. Education, empowerment, and enlightenment thru books, magazines, and courses will be quite beneficial during this ongoing process.