Channeling from October 31, 2011

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This was a channeling I did a little over 5 years ago. Spirit urged me to post this now as I feel we are in the times this channeling talked about 5 years ago.

It is my belief that Donald Trump is the false prophet I channeled about 5 years ago. This is the channeling:

“The time is now. The time is near.  Gather together in peace. Beware false prophets. Knowledge is a key element. Open your minds to the chambers of truth.  Through the great floods comes a cleansing for mankind. The Rings of Jupiter spin to allow hidden truths to be revealed.

Through the corridors of time, enlightenment takes many forms.  Tides turn in directions not seen.  Revel in these changes.  Your breath will change.  The air you breathe condenses to a form only noticeable by some.  Others will continue to breathe the air of pollution, the air of corruption, and the air of austerity.

Beware the Global leader will be assassinated.  Pay attention to the Ides of Saint March.

Humanity suffers.  These corrigible acts of greed must be purged.  As mass consciousness desires to expand, there are those who fight this flow with the very essence of the dark soul.  The split must come.  The great divide is upon us.  Humanity’s mission must accelerate through time and space not yet evolved from this dimension.

There are those who will shift towards higher dimensions unknown to many.  The current reality of this dimension is a façade.  Vast portals will begin opening to those who choose to see.  These portals offer a glimpse of what humanity is capable of delving into.  Each dimension offers opportunity for growth.  Open your energy to receive the new vibrations.  These new vibrations lift us higher.  Yearn to resonate with Christ Consciousness.  Your lights will shine brighter.  These bright lights of energy emanating from your souls will beacon a beam of light towards each other.  Unite.  Stand Strong.  Remember the Light always quells the dark.”