Are All Mediums Psychic?

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I get asked this question so many times so I decided to write an article explaining the difference between Psychics and Mediums. I also discuss why one is not any more superior than the other, they are simply different.


A Question About Whether All Mediums are Psychic

Have you ever heard this phrase from a spiritual expert, “All mediums are psychic yet not all psychics are mediums”? We will examine some thought-provoking influences against this. First, however, we need to establish the general definition between a psychic and a medium.


What is the Difference between a Psychic and a Medium?

A psychic perceives information on past, present, and future. Examples of connecting are ESP, clairvoyance, reading the auric field, or connecting to the spirit guide.

A medium receives information directly from a loved one who has crossed to the spirit world. Receiving is “to be given or presented with something.”

In mediumship, the loved one in spirit gives the medium specific information. The medium should be able to provide evidence to the client for the client to know their loved one is conversing with the medium.

Perceiving and receiving are very different actions. Perceiving is “a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression.” A perception may be based on the personal experiences or levels of understanding on a subject matter. Learning to separate opinion from valid psychic impressions emanates from years of experience and professional training.

The information provided by a spirit guide may vary greatly from the information provided from a deceased loved one. When a spiritual expert makes the statement that all mediums are psychic yet not all psychics are mediums, this creates an energy or assumption that one is better or more advanced than the other. Both gifts are extremely beneficial but for very different reasons.


What are Real World Examples of this Theory?

Just because someone has perfected the gift of connecting and communicating with loved ones who have crossed over, does not mean they are proficient at reading the energy or auric field of the person in front of them. Nor does it mean they are as skillful with connecting to the sitter’s spirit guides. For some professionals who can connect with both spirit guides and deceased loved ones, they are able to pinpoint either the vibrational difference or the direction the spirit appears to them.

In other words, one professional may have spirit guides appear on their left and deceased loved ones on their right. This is just one example of how an expert reader has become adept in their area of expertise.


Deciphering Physical and Spiritual Backstories

What if someone wants to know if it is in their best interest to stay in a relationship? A medium may connect to the client’s mother who never liked the partner, to begin with, and still doesn’t! It is highly beneficial for the medium to share this sentiment from the mother to the client. This provides the client with an opportunity to communicate with their mother who has crossed to the other world.

However, to properly provide guidance to the seeker on the question, a psychic connection could be beneficial as well. The psychic tunes into the spirit guide of the client and the client’s partner to provide information on the past, present, and possible future of the relationship. The psychic can then provide information on the present status of the relationship. This may include information such as, the partner has another person’s energy influencing them now, or possibly they are having a personal crisis which is affecting the relationship, etc.

Helpful Things to Look for When Choosing a Psychic or Medium

When we are trying to decide on a professional psychic or medium to help us, the first place we want to examine is the website. Does the psychic or medium have their services broken down by psychic guidance or mediumistic only sessions? If not, this is something we really want to find out if their area of expertise is more as a psychic, a medium, or if they consider themselves experts in both.

Has the psychic or medium been thoroughly blind tested? Research is important, as many psychic directories will allow anyone to join.

Testimonials from others who have experienced the service of the psychic or medium is another great way for us to read about other’s experiences.