Approved & Recommended Practitioners

The Professional Psychics and Professional Mediums listed below have graduated from all 4 levels of Psychic and Intuitive Development or Mediumship Development or both. Both paths are a year long training program. In addition to their training, they have participated in a formal evaluation process and signed Ethical Code of Conduct statements.

Clair, The Psychic Psychic Medium https://www.clairthepsychic.com/
D. Francis Psychic Medium https://www.dfrancismystic.com/
Marcia Robison Psychic https://www.holisticmysticms.com/
Nimesh Patel Psychic Medium https://psychicmediumhealer.com/
Rachel Vaessler Psychic Medium https://rachelvaessler.com/
Robbyn Wallace Psychic https://robbynraquelwallace.com/
Scott Stewart Psychic Medium https://www.thetranscendedmedium.com/
Suits Healy Psychic Medium https://www.suitshealy.com/
William Michael Psychic

DISCLAIMER: The individuals listed on this site are not substitutes for legal, financial, or medical advice. They are not doctors, nor do they diagnose disease. The services are provided for entertainment purposes only and no guarantees are implied or stated. Clients must be 18 years or older to book, receive and/or purchase a reading, product or service. ALL readings, products, and services are subject to the client’s interpretation. Neither Jill M. Jackson nor Duann Kier shall be held responsible for any readings or messages given by any of their former students.  Potential clients are encouraged to research each individual listed and make their own decisions about scheduling a session.