by Jill M. Jackson
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Each one of us enters into soul contracts before we incarnate. However, we have also been given free will. At times during a relationship, one partner chooses a different path toward their spiritual growth, which raises their vibration. If the other partner chooses a different path leading to a different vibration, the relationship may dissolve.

by Jill M. Jackson

Published by OMTimes Magazine September 16, 2017

Was Your Relationship Pre-Destined?

As time progresses and we are traveling at what feels like jet speed, more and more relationships seem to be unraveling at the seams. At times, we may even begin to question our sanity.

Many of us during our lives have experienced a sense of déjà vu, through dreams, from entering a certain physical space, or possibly through an inner knowing that we have lived in another place and time. Some of us have had past life regressions and re-lived previous lives. A certified past life regressionist can provide an opportunity to re-experience past lives, while also providing a lesson that can be helpful in our current life.

We enter into soul contracts with various people, before we incarnate each lifetime. As our souls grow and expand from a new soul to a very old soul, we have experiences and lessons we choose to learn from each lifetime, which compel us to move forward towards expanding our soul growth.

Why Has My Love Gone?

When we experience the trauma of a relationship coming to an end, one way to begin the healing process is to think about the higher spiritual meaning to help explain the result of the breakup.

One reason a relationship crumbles is when a spouse or partner has chosen not to further his or her soul growth at the same rate as the other partner. Imagine each of us traveling together side by side for many years, with our paths advancing in parallel and in unison. We vibrate at the same frequency. Then, one partner comes to a fork in the road and realizes that to remain on the same path as his or her significant other, a certain amount of work and changes would be required.

We have been given the gift of free will, and with free will comes the ability to make life choices, even if those choices do not align with our partner’s. One partner may choose not to continue the same path as the other, therefore growing apart.

As we move towards higher dimensions, it is now almost impossible to share our space with someone who does not have the same energy vibration as we do. In previous times, we could remain with someone who did not share our beliefs so long as they supported our choices. This option is now a more difficult path to travel.

When our lessons from a relationship are complete, many times, we are given signs to help us know it’s time to move forward. The key is to pay attention to those signs. It is hard for many of us to accept what we feel is a failure. However, if we learn to embrace the change, we will allow ourselves to release, have faith, and emerge with renewed strength to begin on our final journey towards our lives filled with peace and enlightenment!

If we have refused to acknowledge the signs even when they hit us over the head, then our partners may realize on a soul level that our time together has come to an end. They may not even realize why they have made this decision, as it does come from perhaps a subconscious knowing on a soul level that it is in both people’s highest and best good to move forward.

Is There Hope for New Happiness?

True growth and completion come from thanking your partner’s soul for helping you move forward with this important step. Forgiveness for the pain and hurt is also vital in making advancements to new horizons.

We will be led to like-minded people who share our beliefs, passions, and soul-centered love for all, as we spiral towards higher dimensions and frequencies. Life changing transformations are possible when we can embrace the inner realization that life is a continuous journey with twists and turns along the way. When we empower ourselves, stand tall with pride, become humble with faith, and open our hearts wide, many times the magic that unfolds is more fulfilling than we can begin to imagine!

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I get asked this question so many times so I decided to write an article explaining the difference between Psychics and Mediums. I also discuss why one is not any more superior than the other, they are simply different.


A Question About Whether All Mediums are Psychic

Have you ever heard this phrase from a spiritual expert, “All mediums are psychic yet not all psychics are mediums”? We will examine some thought-provoking influences against this. First, however, we need to establish the general definition between a psychic and a medium.


What is the Difference between a Psychic and a Medium?

A psychic perceives information on past, present, and future. Examples of connecting are ESP, clairvoyance, reading the auric field, or connecting to the spirit guide.

A medium receives information directly from a loved one who has crossed to the spirit world. Receiving is “to be given or presented with something.”

In mediumship, the loved one in spirit gives the medium specific information. The medium should be able to provide evidence to the client for the client to know their loved one is conversing with the medium.

Perceiving and receiving are very different actions. Perceiving is “a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression.” A perception may be based on the personal experiences or levels of understanding on a subject matter. Learning to separate opinion from valid psychic impressions emanates from years of experience and professional training.

The information provided by a spirit guide may vary greatly from the information provided from a deceased loved one. When a spiritual expert makes the statement that all mediums are psychic yet not all psychics are mediums, this creates an energy or assumption that one is better or more advanced than the other. Both gifts are extremely beneficial but for very different reasons.


What are Real World Examples of this Theory?

Just because someone has perfected the gift of connecting and communicating with loved ones who have crossed over, does not mean they are proficient at reading the energy or auric field of the person in front of them. Nor does it mean they are as skillful with connecting to the sitter’s spirit guides. For some professionals who can connect with both spirit guides and deceased loved ones, they are able to pinpoint either the vibrational difference or the direction the spirit appears to them.

In other words, one professional may have spirit guides appear on their left and deceased loved ones on their right. This is just one example of how an expert reader has become adept in their area of expertise.


Deciphering Physical and Spiritual Backstories

What if someone wants to know if it is in their best interest to stay in a relationship? A medium may connect to the client’s mother who never liked the partner, to begin with, and still doesn’t! It is highly beneficial for the medium to share this sentiment from the mother to the client. This provides the client with an opportunity to communicate with their mother who has crossed to the other world.

However, to properly provide guidance to the seeker on the question, a psychic connection could be beneficial as well. The psychic tunes into the spirit guide of the client and the client’s partner to provide information on the past, present, and possible future of the relationship. The psychic can then provide information on the present status of the relationship. This may include information such as, the partner has another person’s energy influencing them now, or possibly they are having a personal crisis which is affecting the relationship, etc.

Helpful Things to Look for When Choosing a Psychic or Medium

When we are trying to decide on a professional psychic or medium to help us, the first place we want to examine is the website. Does the psychic or medium have their services broken down by psychic guidance or mediumistic only sessions? If not, this is something we really want to find out if their area of expertise is more as a psychic, a medium, or if they consider themselves experts in both.

Has the psychic or medium been thoroughly blind tested? Research is important, as many psychic directories will allow anyone to join.

Testimonials from others who have experienced the service of the psychic or medium is another great way for us to read about other’s experiences.

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Here is an article I wrote that was published in OMTimes in December 2012.


Many people are now familiar with the alternative healing modality, Reiki, as well as other forms of healing energy. For those of you who are not yet acquainted with this type of therapy, Reiki is a gentle technique that aids in relief from ailments as well as a treatment that provides stress release. The Reiki Master Practitioner is trained to transmit subtle energy through the hands, eyes, and chakras.  Reiki treatments comfort the mind, body, and spirit, leaving the client feeling relaxed and peaceful.

It is becoming more common that the “clients” receiving the treatments are dogs, cats, horses, and even sanctuary farm animals!  Reiki has been shown to assist animals in several main circumstances.  The first beneficial use of animal Reiki is when a precious companion animal becomes sick.  The Reiki Master is a great complement to traditional veterinarian treatment, as the energy healing for the animals provides deep relaxation and balance, which has been shown to help with muscular aches, pains, back problems, and strains.

The one benefit that is the most difficult to contemplate is Reiki Healing for our pets that have become terminally ill and are in the last remaining stages of their earth life. Reiki offers an opportunity to show our animals gratitude for the unconditional love and companionship they gave us, their guardians, during their lives.  Reiki provides comfort and ease as our fur babies prepare to cross over.

The remaining advantage that will be discussed in this article is the noble assistance of Reiki healing for the beloved rescue animal. Every year, there are from 5,000,000 to 7,000,000 animals that enter shelters.  Many rescue animals have been severely neglected or abused.  The energy healing not only provides each animal with pure balanced loving Universal energy which pulsates through their body, but this approach also provides an opportunity to re-establish trust with these wounded souls.  It is encouraged for anyone who has decided to add a rescue companion animal to the family, to engage the services of a reputable animal Reiki Master who will bring balance to your new family member which in turn provides stress relief and relaxation. The Reiki energy assists in integrating the adopted animal with your family.

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New Article Published in OMTimes Magazine:


Many of us experience physical challenges as we awaken to higher vibrational frequencies. The best way to think about and process this is to remember how our bodies must adjust when we change elevations and altitudes.  Our earthly bodies can only tolerate certain conditions, and when we attempt to go against those conditions, our bodies must adapt. With the new energies being infused in the physical body, a similar modification is essential, and this may feel uncomfortable on occasion.

At times, we may feel as if we are literally losing our sense of reality. Countless men and women have visited doctor after doctor attempting to get answers on their strange ailments to no avail.

What Are the First Symptoms?

Some of the first symptoms experienced seem to be vertigo, ringing of the ears, headaches, and nausea.  For quite a few people, this leads to extreme fatigue and body aches and pains, especially in the neck and shoulder areas. Weight gain particularly in the abdomen area is common. Intense itching episodes are being reported.  There is a possibility depression may accompany these physical changes in the body, as grief can accompany transformation, even when this transformation is positive.

At times, words previously known may disappear from our vocabulary!  We may find ourselves relaying information as if we are playing out a game of charades! An intolerance for crowds or loud places may be felt. Vivid dreams may become more regular.

Everything is comprised of energy. Energy is a vibrational frequency. Our physical bodies are experiencing a 3D reality at an amazing time in history where our Mother Earth is going through her own ascension process. While it can be quite intense, it is also exhilarating to witness and share in such a grand conversion.

What Now?

For those who have been on an accelerated awakening path for some time, there are new physical experiences showing up. One that appears is a strange gurgling sound deep inside the ear canal. Those who have experienced this affirm it doesn’t feel like anything they have experienced before. It’s not a ringing nor is it painful, it’s more of a murmuring sensation.

Another change is in food cravings and diet. For most people, as they awaken, their food choices change. For some, this is a slow process, in which they may consume less animal products. For others, it is an overnight change, in that the very thought of eating an animal revolts them, where in the past, this was their normal diet. For others, there is a desire for higher vibrational foods and less dense food choices. It is important we listen to our bodies as our bodies will always tell us what is essential for optimum functioning.

Many sensitives and empaths are reporting an imbalance in the pancreas, causing insulin resistance. Further adjustments to the diet may be necessary. Jaw pain and strange tooth sensations are common new symptoms appearing.

People who have been experiencing the ascension process for many years are reporting things many people may deem crazy! Objects next to them are vibrating or moving.  Music, sounds, or conversations are heard when nobody else is around. Psychic and Mediumistic abilities are increasing in those who regularly use these abilities.

Where Do I Turn for Help?

Of course, it is important to rule out any medical conditions before confirming the path of ascension could be attributed to the physical challenges being experienced.

Finding a respected Spiritual Teacher to help with learning to connect to the guidance of the Higher Self or Intuition has been valuable to many. After all, awareness creates further knowledge and knowledge is power.

When we connect and bond with those of like mind or our Soul Tribe, less loneliness and feelings of isolation occur. For many people, bonds with the Soul Tribe are stronger than any familial bonds ever felt.

In closing, remember we are not alone in these strange experiences. Education, empowerment, and enlightenment thru books, magazines, and courses will be quite beneficial during this ongoing process.

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My latest article published with OMTimes Magazine:



Here are the contents of the article:

Adult Indigos struggle with polarizing emotions on how to conduct themselves during this revolution of change. Some days they may feel intense anger over the current injustice taking place. Other days, they may meditate and center, preferring to foster in change through positive intentions, prayer, or silence. The most probable scenario is they fluctuate between these two extremes depending on the day or hour!

What is an Adult Indigo?

An Adult Indigo belongs to a special group of children that were born between 1950’s and 1980’s. Indigos have difficulty tolerating injustice of any kind. Many times, Indigos do not fit in to what society deems “the norm”. They possess a type of warrior Spirit in which they are very vocal about their views on unfairness. They would typically be on the front lines of protests, starting or contributing to campaigns for change, or screaming their observations from the rooftop. At times, their anger flares to levels others may deem radical. However, it is not in the Indigo nature to resort to violence, preferring peaceful protests instead.

The initial group called “first wavers” started incarnating in the 1950’s and 1960’s. The final wave of Indigos incarnated in the 1980’s. After the 1980’s the Crystal Children and the Rainbow Children joined in. These terms not only correlate with the color of their aura’s; they associate with personality and characteristics.

Indigos have very different traits than Rainbows and Crystals. The main difference is in the way they go about making positive change on the planet. The Rainbows and Crystals have a much more peaceful method to bringing in transformation, however, the Indigo knew their task prior to incarnating. They knew they would be at the forefront of fundamental change.

Remember the mission!

The main common thread between all generations of Indigos is knowing on a deep soul level, that they incarnated on this planet to bring about change. In other words, they knew from an early age, they were different than others and were here on a mission. The majority are quite psychic or intuitive. They demonstrate an evolved awareness and cannot tolerate outdated political, educational, or medical systems.

Most Indigos resonate strongly with the animal kingdom, many times preferring the company of animals over humans. Many Indigo’s life purpose or mission is the rights of animals.

Generally, Indigo’s are quite Spiritual, Awakened, and Aware.  They have spent a great deal of time raising their vibration and exhibiting the energy of purity, while working towards a place of enlightenment. How do they reconcile this purpose with the purpose of bringing in revolutionary change to their World?

Steps towards stability.

There are ways the Adult Indigo can honor their truth and purpose, while moving forward with their consciousness expansion.

First, it is important they don’t apologize for their beliefs and the ways they want to facilitate change! Embrace and honor the warrior spirit! After all, if it were not for other pioneers, radical change would not have occurred along the way.  For those Indigos who are not called to protest or demonstrate, another option to assist is composing, writing poetry, creating stories or think pieces through the written word. They may choose to pattern themselves after change agents such as John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Bob Marley, or Leonardo DiCaprio. As they continue to speak, write, protest, and educate others, these actions will honor a portion of their life purpose.

Second, Adult Indigos need balance in their lives. It can be a tightrope performance attempting to offset activism with inner peace and enlightenment. It is imperative to make time to meditate. Spending time with the higher self will allow an opportunity to remember and embrace their life mission. Taking time out to commune with nature and connecting to the trees, flowers, oceans, lakes, and rivers helps to restore the energy field.

Third, remember the power of prayer and positive intentions. With these actions, Indigo’s can assimilate with the Crystals and Rainbows. After all, there is power and force in numbers and uniting in intention begins to create a domino effect toward transforming the world.

Lastly, when the Indigo surrounds themselves with those of like minds who identify with and understand the purpose of an Indigo, a feeling of safety ensues. Cultivating a network of friends creates a sacred space to share frustrations, dreams and desires with people who have the same or similar life purpose.

Above all, it is essential to keep faith in their life purpose and mission. It is a great honor to be alive during these unprecedented times. While it is not always beneficial to pigeonhole oneself into a certain group or identification definition, it is quite powerful to give thought to promoting change, awareness, equality, and peace, while championing diversity, equality, and unity.

About the Author

Jill M. Jackson is the 2016 and 2015 Psychic of the Year by Best American Psychics. She was given the Social Activism award in 2014. Jill is an international Psychic Medium, Author, Spiritual Teacher, and Speaker.

Jill is under contract with Creative Laughter Productions for a metaphysical television show.

To learn more about Jill and read some of her testimonials, visit www.MississippiMedium.com


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Channeling from October 31, 2011

This was a channeling I did a little over 5 years ago. Spirit urged me to post this now as I feel we are in the times this channeling talked about 5 years ago.

It is my belief that Donald Trump is the false prophet I channeled about 5 years ago. This is the channeling:

“The time is now. The time is near.  Gather together in peace. Beware false prophets. Knowledge is a key element. Open your minds to the chambers of truth.  Through the great floods comes a cleansing for mankind. The Rings of Jupiter spin to allow hidden truths to be revealed.

Through the corridors of time, enlightenment takes many forms.  Tides turn in directions not seen.  Revel in these changes.  Your breath will change.  The air you breathe condenses to a form only noticeable by some.  Others will continue to breathe the air of pollution, the air of corruption, and the air of austerity.

Beware the Global leader will be assassinated.  Pay attention to the Ides of Saint March.

Humanity suffers.  These corrigible acts of greed must be purged.  As mass consciousness desires to expand, there are those who fight this flow with the very essence of the dark soul.  The split must come.  The great divide is upon us.  Humanity’s mission must accelerate through time and space not yet evolved from this dimension.

There are those who will shift towards higher dimensions unknown to many.  The current reality of this dimension is a façade.  Vast portals will begin opening to those who choose to see.  These portals offer a glimpse of what humanity is capable of delving into.  Each dimension offers opportunity for growth.  Open your energy to receive the new vibrations.  These new vibrations lift us higher.  Yearn to resonate with Christ Consciousness.  Your lights will shine brighter.  These bright lights of energy emanating from your souls will beacon a beam of light towards each other.  Unite.  Stand Strong.  Remember the Light always quells the dark.”

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New Blogs Coming Soon!

Welcome to Connect Soul to Soul with Jill M. Jackson – a blog which includes Jill’s thoughts, experience, ideas, and overall general discussion about topics such as Mediumship, Psychic work, news and media, animals, and more!  Stay tuned!

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